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How to make your own new DNS/Subdomain name:
1. Enter your host name, IP address and select an available domain.
2. Press submit.
3. Our system will automatically Create Your Subdomain/DNS, no need to wait for the Administrator to review.
4. See Subdomain/DNS successfully created at RESULT.
5. Open Check Hostname/DNS Here to make sure your subdomain/dns is active.

Info :
1. All free DNS/subdomain is active for 1 week, we will reset every Friday / Saturday, to keep DNS stability and response speed
2. Soon, we will provide full 1 month active DNS. so just wait .
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4. if you have already created dns / subdomain but failed, try changing to choose another available domain name.
Because the registered subdomain name and ip are exactly the same as other users, the subdomain server crashes. is a subdomain service or DNS Pointing for managing DNS zones and domain name records that we have provided free of charge, this will be very useful if you don't buy your own domain, to test your website, also We provide DNS record settings so that you can use as many domains as you can for custom domain settings. Use our services wisely, avoid using DDOS, Spam, hacking, and other criminals.

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